Jantzen | Elegant Utah Bridals

Jantzen is just pure gorgeous, so her Bridals were plain amazing. I die everytime over her red hair, its so long and pretty. Like a lot of sessions lately, this one had the dooming threat of rain, which was ok since we were doing them inside the capitol. When we went outside for a few…

lighthouse bridals

Kat and Daniel | Lighthouse Bridals

doing Lighthouse Bridals session was definitely on my bucket list for photo locations. Kat and Daniel got married in San Diego, and we did this session the night before. They also had a big family rehearsal dinner that night, so we had to do this late afternoon. The light was super bright, but they were…


Kat&Daniel | Romantic Engagements

I forgot how much I love this Romantic Engagements Session! These two lovebirds came all the way from California to do their engagement session with me, and oh how I loved it! and them! Some background on Kat and Daniel. Kat is a convert to the LDS church, and while dating, Daniel left on his…

Elegant, Romantic Wedding Photography

Mountain Formals | Elegant Wedding Photography

These mountain formals are some of my favorite. We were worried all day long that it was just going to rain all evening and completely mess up this session. Luckily for us mother nature decided to play nice, and give us some gorgeous fallen clouds as a landscape for amazing mountain formals. Brandon and Hannah…


Waterfall Engagements | Elegant Wedding Photography

A waterfall engagement session? Um, deal. I came across this waterfall while on a “hike” with my little family. I say “hike” because I have got to have the lowest threshold for what I consider a hike. I think lugging the groceries in from the car is a hike. But this place, its about 40 feet…


Zoey|Salt Lake City Newborn Photos

These Salt Lake City newborn photos are some of my favorites recently! I had this idea for a newborn session in my mind for months, and I just couldn’t wait any longer to do it. One of my favorite things about photographing newborns is being able to do it in a really natural environment as…


Kayla :: Gorgeous Wildflower Bridals

This is Kayla, the coolest of all brides. I just love her natural indie style that she totally rocks. Her earrings were pretty silver dreamcatchers. I have to talk her into doing a bridal session, and boy am I glad she did cause she looks so amazing! We also happened to overlook getting a bouquet,…


Ashley+Ryan:: 2 yeas down!

  Ashley and Ryan have been married for 2 years, and wanted to document their journey with a photography session. Perfect I say! Anniversary sessions are so fun, sweet, and stress free! Its not like engagement sessions where its just the beginning of a long planning process, its such a sweet spot! These two were…


::8 steps to break your social media addiction::

We’ve all read the articles, the social media guilt articles. Even the You-Tube videos that just make you feel awful for ignoring so many things, to choose your phone first.  Then we do it, we vow to ourselves to be on Facebook less, to turn our phones off all day, or radically to close our…

Lighthouse Engagements

Brandon + Hannah | Elegant Wedding Photography

I can’t get over how much I love this Lighthouse Engagements session. First of all, a lighthouse in Utah?! Deal. Second, Hannah totally rocked the styling for this session. I am so in love with her dress I really wanna find it for myself! Hannah and Brandon are such a sweet, intimate couple, and she…


Kayla&Jake Engagements

Kayla and Jake are amazing. I love their style, their easy going nature, and their contangious laughter. She nailed their outfits completely to flow with the awesome location we had. Jake, lets not forget about that dude, he broke his finger earlier that week and took the splint off for the entire session! Tra-rooper. This…


Megan :: Lifestyle Session

Megan and I did a lifestyle session swap with each other for Mother’s Day and I am soooo glad we did! I love how my photos turned out, and I swoon over hers! She has my ideal family, 3 boys. Oh my goodness the red hair in that family is GORGEOUS. Her boys are so…


Nate&Chelsea:: Formals

To say I adore this couple would be the biggest understatement. Chelsea booked me when I first started weddings, so we have been talking for a year and a half! It has been so much fun to do so many sessions and to be a part of her wedding planning. These two have been together…


Garry&Rachele :: Wedding




Nique&Bryce :: Pregnancy Announcement

Nique was one of my first brides when I started weddings, and now they are expecting! I couldn’t be more excited for them.


Lexie&Brantley :: Engagements

Lexie is best friends with a past bride of mine,  and Brantley is the groom to that bride! Talk about lucking out with your in laws. These two are super fun. They are loud, funny, and just full of energy. She is so head over heals for him in his uniform, and who can blame…

Kati Ann Photography_0094

Kendra&Ben :: Engagements


Denny :: Lifestyle Session


Ashley + Parker :: Engagements


Hansen :: Lifestyle

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