Today’s Destructive Topic – Earthquakes!

Earthquakes are one of the scariest things people have ever been through. The ground shakes, building tremble, and the ground itself liquefies and will trap anything in a type of concrete quicksand that is hard to escape. Most people that live near a fault line have experienced at least one.

The largest of all recorded earthquakes goes to Valdivia Earthquake, in  Bio-Bio, Chile on May 22nd, 1960. This quake registered at a 9.5, and there was an early estimate of 1,600 deaths and 3,000 injured. But with all quakes and shifted of the plates, tsunamis are just as dangerous, and sometimes even more so. Millions of dollars in damage was caused by the tsunamis, along with recorded more deaths, including an extra 61 in Hawaii.  Japan lost another 200 people, alone with over 1,600 damaged homes.

A big earthquake, probably familiar in everyone’s mind was the Haiti earthquake on January 12th, 2010, which is not on the record list of worst earthquakes recording coming in at a 7.0, but did shattering amounts of damage. The official count from the Haitian government put the death toll at around 300,000 though some believe this number to be high. Half the issue with this earthquake was the building technology used in Haiti, which couldn’t withstand most earthquakes. When the quake hit four stories of apartments and living buildings pancaked down falling on the floors beneath it, trapping and killing many before they could escape their homes. In Port-au-Prince, the cathedral and the National Palace both fell into ruins at the quake, showing no building was safe from the 7.0, or its two aftershocks.

Alaska has a high record of quakes, though is sparsely populated enough that the quakes do not injure nearly as many people as in highly populated areas such as Haiti. The top eight worst earthquakes in America all happened in Alaska.  The top earthquake registered at a 9.2 on March 28th, 1964 in Prince William Sound. These top eight quakes register from 8.0-9.2, being the top.

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