Hurricane Mitch

Hurricanes are something everyone is familiar with, even those that don’t live on coastal cities are still affected by these major storms. As a hurricane gains speed out on the open ocean, it does lose speed once it’s over land. The most powerful of these major hurricanes can cause dangerous storms inland, even states, or countries far away from where the hurricane made impact.

The worst hurricane that happened in the United States was in Galveston, Texas, which happened at the turn of the 20th century. This hurricane registered as a Category 4, with winds that ranged from 136-156 mph. It headed through the central part of America, tossing the Great plains in a huge storm as it lost speed. The estimated deaths were from 8,00 to 12,000 people.

2005 brought Hurricane Katrina, which  follows closely behind in worst hurricanes of America. This storm was placed as a Category 5 hurricane, but hit New Orleans the hardest as a Category 3. Katrina is by far the most famous of all the hurricanes in America, with a death toll of more than 1,200 people. Katrina got a second hit with damage costs, totalling in at 108 billion dollars in damage.

Interestingly enough, one of the top hurricanes of American history occurred in 1780 and was dubbed the Great Hurricane. Though, there is little known about this hurricane, somewhere around 22,000 people died. Among those dead were British and American soldiers who had been fighting in warships during the Revolutionary War.  One local observer even made a comment that the winds alone had stripped bark off the trees.

Hurricane Mitch is not as well-know as Sandy or Katrina, but Mitch deserves a spot on the worst hurricane list. As a slow moving storm, Mitch landed in Honduras in October of 1998. It did a total of $5 billion dollars in damage, but more importantly, caused approximately 11,000 deaths. A side effect of this hurricane was the amount of rain it poured down in it’s slow moving system. It threw out 4 inches of rain per hour for two days straight. This caused mudslides and ruined crops were destroyed. The mudslides alone were responsible for some deaths, including 2,000 people in Nicaragua alone.

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